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Welcome to Ballare Teatro Performing Arts Center. We are so happy to have you with us this year and look forward to a great year of dance. This brochure is intended to give you a snapshot of what to expect this year in class and let you know what our expectations are as well.

Communication         In any learning situation, communication is the key to a great experience. At Ballare Teatro we want parents to feel in the loop of the learning that goes on in the studio. We have several ways for you to stay informed: Monthly Newsletter (sign up on our homepage!); Facebook; Twitter @BallareTeatro; Bulletin Boards in the studio and class specific e-mails.  We also have windows on the doors of each studio space so you can observe the classroom at any time.

You will notice if you watch through the windows of any of our classes that our instructors are professionals who truly love what they do. If there is ever an issue in class, they will make sure you are aware of it and work with you and your dancer to make the learning process positive. We also have two family visitation weeks each year so you can sit in on the fun—and even dance a little yourself! All family members are welcome on these days.

Classroom expectations Our expectation is that dancers are on time and committed to their dance education. We expect our dancers to respect themselves, the other dancers, the classroom and the instructor. What you can expect from us is a nurturing environment where your dancer is given the tools they need to build their technique, confidence, creativity and ability.

Dancers are expected to set an example to the rest of the studio. Dancers should come dressed appropriately for dance:

  • Creative dance – any color leotard and tights and pink, leather ballet shoes
  • Fundamental-Level IB – a plain black tank leotard, pink tights, plain black ‘yoga type’ dance pants (full length), pink leather ballet shoes and black strappy tap shoes
  • Level II-V – a plain black tank leotard, pink tights, plain black ‘yoga type’ dance pants (full length), pink leather split sole ballet shoes and black tap oxfords.

No skirts or jeans are allowed! Hair up and out of the dancers face. Small earrings are allowed, but dangling necklaces, bracelets and earrings should be left at home. These pieces, although beautiful and very fun to wear, can get caught and cause injury. Boys should wear sweats and T’s. No cargo shorts or any khaki-style shorts

Attendance As in any learning situation, you get out of it what you put into it. You need to be present to learn.   Absenteeism slows down the learning process for everyone. Please make your dance education a priority. If a dancer has a school/graded event, or is feverish or vomiting, please call the studio at 612-721-8619, or e-mail Ann at

Tuition Level    Families pay tuition on a monthly basis, broken into 10 monthly increments which run September-June. September tuition was paid with registration. Tuition is paid with a credit card via automatic payment. Tuition will be charged the first of the month. If you have an issue with your credit card or your credit card number has expired, it is your responsibility to update your card information. Past due tuition will incur a $15 late fee.

Picture Day Picture day is still to be determined. Look for the exact schedule in January.

Summer Dance We work so hard all year to build our technique, and many dancers take the entire summer off and don’t dance at all. However, when take 8-12 weeks off you lose a great deal of what you have worked so hard to achieve during the year. We will be offering opportunities for you to keep your skills up this summer, either in classes taught by our fabulous faculty, or with guest artists so you can enhance your dance education with a new perspective. These offerings  will be short and sweet, so you can fit something into your busy summer schedule!

Advancement It is not unusual for dancers to spend 2-3 years in a level. Fundamental A and B; Level I A and B; Level II is the first year dancers have a full length ballet class and a full length tap class. Dancers in their second year of level II must register for jazz as well.  Dancers in level III are required to take jazz. Once a dancer is in their second year of level III they are required to take modern. Once dancers get to level IV and V they must take modern, pointe prep (or pointe depending on their strength) and an extra ballet based technique class. Boys in level IV and V take Man Dance in place of pointe.

All level II-V dancers to participate in a placement audition. For dancers in level II/III this entails one week (M-TH) of technique classes leading up to one week (M-TH) of auditions. For dancers in levels IV/V this entails two weeks of technique classes (M-TH) and one week of auditions (M-TH). The dates for these auditions are as follows. Please include these dates in your   summer plans. The 2017 summer audition workshop schedule is as follows:

Level II/III

Evenings for two weeks – August 7-10 and 14-16. Audition Thursday August 17.

Daytime for one week – August 7-10. Audition Friday August 11.

Level IV/V

Daytime for two weeks – August 7-10 and 14-16. Audition Thursday August 17.

Performances     Dancers in level II and up are required to participate in the Excellent Adventure and Isabella Saves the World. Dancers in Fundamental B and IA and B are also required to participate in Isabella Saves the World. This does come at an extra cost which has been rolled into tuition. 2017 will be an Isabella Saves the World year!  Please refer to the performances page for more information about each show.

Dancers in the fundamental level and up perform in our concerts on June 10. There are three separate shows, the third being a ‘showcase’ of our upper level dancers (levels II-V). Dancers in Fundamental-Level IB are in one show; dancers in level II are in two shows; dancers in levels III-V are in all 3 shows; Adults perform in two shows. There is no extra charge for the teachers time at the dress rehearsal.

In order for these performances to run smoothly, we need your help! Performance helpers receive a free ticket to a show of their choosing. Parents of dancers in level II and up are required to help out at Isabella, the Excellent Adventure and the end of year concert.

Discontinuing Class If you need to discontinue class for any reason you must let us know in writing (e-mail preferred) by no later than the 15th of the month prior to discontinuing in order to not be charged for tuition the following month. If you let us know after the 15th, you will be responsible for the following month, tuition, but not any tuition after that.

As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Ann either by phone at the studio 612-721-8619, on her cell 612-267-1766 or via e-mail at We are all so  thankful that you have chosen Ballare Teatro Performing Arts   Center for your dance education. We are looking  forward to a great year!

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