Dance is a performing art! We have several opportunities for our dancers to strut their stuff.

June Concert

The 2021 Concerts will take place Thursday, June 10, Friday, June 11 and/or Saturday, June 12, at Minnehaha Academy North Campus. In order to continue our conservative approach in regards to Covid safety protocols, we are organizing sevel 30-minute informal shows. Six classes will perform in each show. There will be one hour in between each show. Audience size will be limited and we will assign seating to ensure adequate social distancing. There will be a live stream option so more family and friends may watch from home.  We will not be utilizing dressing rooms for the younger dancers because there will be no costume changes, only shoe changes. Younger dancers will be able to watch the show from the audience. We will not be doing a dress rehearsal for the younger dancers, only for dancers level III and up. All dancers, audience members, crew and volunteers must be masked.

Who’s in what show??

Thursday, June 10

5:30 pm

Monday Fundamental A

Monday Fundamental B

IA Thursday


7 pm

Tuesday Fundamental B

IA Tuesday

IB Tuesday

IIA Thursday

Friday, June 11

5:30 pm

Wednesday Fundamental A

Wednesday Fundamental B

III Jazz/Tap

IV Modern/Ballet

V Tap/Jazz

7 pm

Tuesday Fundamental A

Thursday Fundamental B

IA Sunday

IB Wednesday


Senior Solo

Ballet V

Saturday, June 12


Thursday Fundamental A

Saturday Fundamental B

IB Sunday

III Ballet/Modern

IV Tap

V Modern

1:30 pm

Saturday/Sunday Fundamental A

IA Friday

IB Saturday

IIA Saturday

IV Jazz

3 pm Showcase!!

All level III/IV/V dances

Tickets for the June concerts are $17. They go on sale Sunday, May 9. Everyone viewing the show in the theater will need to wear a mask. Seats are limited due to covid capacity restrictions. All families received an email indicating how many seats they could purchase. There will be a live stream option available for those who aren’t able to join us in person.

We can’t wait to see you at the show!

Isabella Saves the World

The evil Snow Sorcerer has placed a curse on the world – winter will not go away! Isabella defies her mother and ventures out to bring the seasons back. She encounters a swirling snowstorm, soldiers guarding the castle where the worker fairies make the snowflakes. Fighting her way through a forest that comes to life, she finds the Evergreen Elder who helps her along the way. Will Isabella succeed? You need to come to the show to find out!

Dancers in levels Fundamental B through level V participate in this original ballet which takes place in early March of even years. Our next show is TBD- 2022. We can’t wait to see you there!

Dancers who participate in this show will have a rehearsal fee added to their monthly tuition. This fee pays for teachers time at rehearsals.


  • Isabella:
  • Isabella’s Mom:
  • Lucy:
  • Snow Sorcerer:
  • Evergreen Elder:
  • Sun Queen:
  • Rain King:
  • Snowflake Supervisor:
  • Head FBI Detective:
  • Narrators:

Which show is my dancer involved in?? See the list below:

1 pm show

  • Snow Storm:
  • Soldiers:
  • Snow Worker Fairies:
  • FBI Fairies:
  • Frozen Rainbow Fairies:
  • Celebration Fairies:
  • Levels IIB/ III/IV/V are in both shows!

4 pm show

  • Snow Storm:
  • Soldiers:
  • Snow Worker Fairies:
  • FBI Fairies:
  • Frozen Rainbow Fairies:
  • Celebration Fairies:

The Excellent Adventure

Louis and Nina think their music rules and their parents music drools. They go out one day and come upon a hip hop cypher performing to live music being spun by a mystical DJ. When the DJ hears the siblings dissing their parents music she whisks them away, back through time to see how the music of the past influenced the music of the now. In the process their phone is wiped of all their music. Will they ever get their music back? Will they ever return home? Come to the show to find out!

Dancers in level II and up participate in this original performance showcasing our jazz and tap programs.

We are looking forward to our next adventure in March of 2023.

The Creative Dance Show

Since this is one of our most well attended performances (seriously – the 400+ seat theater is almost full!), we have to make another choice for 2021. This year we will be ending the year with an informal showing in the classroom on the last day of class. Family members will be able to watch via zoom. We look forward to next year when we can have our normal, awesome, creative dance show.

Past performances include ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, ‘My Many Colored Days’, and ‘In the Tall Tall Grass’.

This show is FREE!