At Ballare Teatro Performing Arts Center we have 5 programs:

Our Preschool Program is a year-long program. We have two classes: Music and Movement and
Creative Dance. Music and Movement is for our littlest dancers and their parents.
Once a child turns 3 they can register for our Creative Dance class. Dancers who are 3 and 4 take creative dance.

During the school year, we offer two ways for youth to study dance: the Performing Arts Program and the Recreational Program.

The Performing Arts Program is a year-long program for students who are ready for more of a commitment to dance education. All students involved in this program must be registered in a ballet/tap class during the course of the year. Students are placed in classes based upon age, and then ability: Fundamental Level (5-6 year olds), Level I (7-9 year olds), and Level II (10-12 year olds). Fundamental and Level I is divided into A and B levels, A is for dancers who are new to the level, and B is for dancer who have had that level before, but are not yet ready to move up. Dancers in their second year of level II are required to take jazz.  Dancers in level III take ballet, tap and jazz, and in their second year of this level they are required to take modern. Dancers in levels IV and V add an extra technique class, as well as pointe prep, or pointe when they are ready. All students in the performing arts program are involved in our year end recital, and have the option of performing in our original ballet, ‘Isabella Saves the World’ or our Rhythym Festival. Because students involved in this program commit to an entire year, new students are taken in these classes from September-October. After that, students will be allowed to register by permission of Ballare Teatro Director and staff.

Our Adult & Professional Program offers classes in ballet, tap, jazz, modern and hip hop for the beginner-professional dancer. You may register at any time of the year for our classes. You may drop in for $15, or purchase a 10-class card for $110. Please call ahead prior to dropping into a class to check on the schedule and openings.

Boys Program  Boys dance?? Absolutely! At Ballare Teatro Peforming Arts  Center we are very excited to have a unique boys program. No tutu’s and    leotards here. These are classes for boys, taught by men. So if you think you have a Mikhail Baryshnikov or Gene Kelly in your house, this is the place for them to flourish.

The boys program is part of the Performing Arts program…this is a year long program with opportunities to perform. The levels are the same (see above). The boys program Fundamental are not yet divided into A and B. In the second year of level II, boys are required to take jazz in a combined boy/girl class. Once boys get to level III, they will be combined for all their technique classes. However, they will still take a separate ‘boys technique’ class in addition to their regular technique classes, to work more on building strength and skills specific to the way men move.


Summer is time for dancers to try something new. There are no prerequisites. Our short five week summer session includes week long camps and workshops, as well as weekly evening classes. There is something to fit into your busy summer schedule at Ballare Teatro Performing Arts Center.

Ballare Teatro offers Homeschool Classes by appointment. We would be happy to design a program specifically for your homeschool groups schedule, interests and budget.