About Us

About Us

Ballare Teatro serves students from all over the Twin Cities area and has become known for successfully melding professional, effective dance instruction with a fun, warm atmosphere that both professional and novice dancers enjoy. With 16 highly trained, professional dance instructors, Ballare Teatro offers small class sizes for maximum learning and enjoyment.

Founded in 1998, and meaning “Dance Theater” in Italian, Ballare Teatro is owned and operated by Ann Williams. Ann has a BA in Dance and Mass Communications from the University of Minnesota. She has been dancing and performing for over 20 years and has taught for over 15 years at several different studios in the Twin Cities area. She has studied and performed with many prestigious institutions, companies and individuals.Prior to opening Ballare Teatro, Ann was the Jazz Program Director at Dance Works Performing Arts Center in Lakeville, where she was artistic director of the annual Jazz Festival in honor of Black History Month.

The Ballare Teatro Difference

Ballare Teatro Performing Arts Center sets itself apart from other dance programs in many ways.

  • Dance is our life long passion. We didn’t purchase a francise or go through a one week training course to ‘qualify’ us to teach your child dance. All of our instructors have degrees in Dance, professional dance experience, and have been teaching for at least 5 years.
  • We have a good understanding about where your dancer is at developmentally and structure our classes to build their skills and self esteem.

Here are some quotes from parents of our dancers:

“Thank you for your passion for what you do at Ballare Teatro. We enjoy coming and having our daughter express her creativity. She looks forward to dancing every week.”

“The instructors at Ballare Teatro model and inspire, make each child feel valued and respected,and have the art of correcting without diminishing the pride of the child.”

“When we first enrolled our daughter at age four we weren’t exactly sure what she would gain from the experience.  Now as she enters her sixth year in the fall, we can see that dance has given her great confidence and a lifelong passion for an art form.  As an art history teacher at the high school level for 21 years, I have always been concerned about how images of women throughout history and in the present media have had a negative impact on women.  By being around female instructors and fellow dancers who are incredibly confident and athletic, our daughter will continue to remain comfortable with her body image.  My wife and I could not be more happy with Ballare Teatro!“ 

“Hadley adores Mr. Jesse. His energy is contagious. It is really fun to watch him in action with the Ballare dancers. His direct language/directions and loving disposition adds a sense of rigor. So fun to watch!”

We look forward to seeing you in the studio very soon!